Hot Stone Body Massage

Are you stressed daily? Does your muscle aches and poor circulation affect you? Get rid of insomnia and depression? Hot Stone Massage is an ideal treatment for you.

Massage with hot (hot) stones

Hot Stone massage or in the translation of hot stone massage has been known for over a thousand years, and hot stones have been used in ancient civilizations for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and as a therapeutic aid, the stones were re-introduced by Mary Hannigen in 1993, and since then This treatment is one of the most sought after in wellness centers around the world.

As we find stones in nature, this massage is a special connection with nature and it treats our soul, body and mind.

This treatment primarily refers to relaxation of the client and therapist and takes place in a well-warmed room with minimal lighting, light music and in complete privacy. During the entire treatment, the client is covered to maintain heat in the body, and the body is gradually revealed depending on which part of the body is being treated.
Stretching muscles increases mobility

Massage is done with smooth, heated stones, most often it is a balzate that keeps it well and absorbs heat. The therapist puts stones on the line of the spine, the lower part of the abdomen, and in the palms and between the toes. After the client turns to the back, smaller stones are placed on the face and neck, in the palms and between the fingers for better circulation.

With such warm stones it is also the stretching of the muscles, which increases their mobility, and some have confirmed that this type of treatment helped them in correcting the posture. The client can choose the heat of the stones because the stones are heated in water that has heaters with thermostats and the temperature can be regulated. The therapist puts the first stone in his hand and touches the client to check that the temperature of the stone corresponds to it.

As in most treatments, we use scented oils in order to make the stones that we put on the body easier to slip on the skin. Most of the hot and hot stones are used, which is only the name of this treatment, but if the client has some injuries or muscle inflammation, cold stones are used.

You need to try the Hot Stone massage treatment

Treatment of hot stone massage should be tried if you have not yet, because it will help you to remove harmful substances from the body, improve circulation and reduce stress, depression and stiffness of the muscles. In addition, this beneficial stones will bring you a new dose of energy that will make it easier for you to function in this fast-moving lifestyle.

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What is a lymphatic drainage massage and how to do it

The human body is constantly going movement of blood and lymph. It is these fluids are involved in metabolism, blood cells brings beneficial vitamins and minerals, as well as oxygen. Lymph displays of tissue decay products and toxins.

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Which calls for lymphatic drainage massage
Indications and contraindications of massage lymphatic drainage
Levels and types of lymphatic drainage massage
Hardware lymphatic drainage massage
Manual lymph drainage massage
Lymphatic drainage massage at home
Lymphatic drainage body massage
Lymphatic drainage massage legs
Lymphatic drainage facial massage
Japanese massage Lymphatic Drainage

Which calls for lymphatic drainage massage

The lymphatic system is made up of bodies providing immune protection of the organism, as well as vessels, which moves lymphatic fluid.

To help the lymphatic system to cope with their “responsibilities” make a special massage that affects the deeper layers of tissue, through which flows the lymph. This massage can be done not only on problem areas where there is cellulite, but also on the face, back.

How to lymphatic drainage massage? To do this, you must familiarize yourself with the special practices.
Indications and contraindications of massage lymphatic drainage

Any system with age loses its ability. This also applies to the lymphatic system, which eventually stops quickly remove waste and toxins from the tissues. This causes stagnation of fluid in the body, accumulation of toxins that leads to excessive weight and edema.

Indications for Lymphatic Drainage Massage:

Enhance immunity;
Getting rid of the “orange peel”;
weight loss;
Getting rid of the swelling and bruising;
Elimination of frequent headaches;
Getting rid of insomnia and surge;
Strengthening skin tone;
Improve complexion;
Getting rid of acne;
Eliminating stretch marks and shallow scars;
Treatment of GI disease with complex therapy;
Wrinkle removal.
Rejuvenation of the body.

Contraindications: Lymphatic drainage massage:

Blood diseases;
Inflammation of lymph nodes;
The presence of tumors in the body;
Renal failure;
Thrombosis and thrombophlebitis;
Chronic skin diseases;
Abrasions and cuts;
Gentle vessels;

Levels and types of lymphatic drainage massage

There are three levels of treatment:

Surface – where the activated lymph capillaries. It promotes skin tightening and smoothing.
Projection – affects lymphatic vessels. Such manipulations allow the flow of lymph and accelerate metabolism.
Deep – activates the lymph nodes. It has a therapeutic effect on the body, eliminating cellulite and excess weight.

There are two main types of treatment:

Manual – by tactile manipulation a masseur.
Hardware – using special tools.

Hardware lymphatic drainage body to body massage in delhi

The hardware method is divided, in turn, divided into these types:

pressure therapy;
Vacuum manipulation;
Microcurrent treatments.

Pressure therapy is dressing for various parts of the body of special covers, which are compressed. As a result, the pressure activated the movement of lymph and blood through the vessels. Compression covers occurs under the influence of compressed air under pressure.

Microcurrent procedure is carried out as follows: on the problem areas of the body wear special armbands with electrical wiring. Pulse currents act on the body, improving lymph flow. This is completely safe and painless procedure that gives excellent results! The withdrawal of excess fluid from the body and actively split subcutaneous fat.

Vacuum lymphatic drainage massage is performed using special equipment. It is a nozzle into a cup which is attached to the body portion, and on the other hand it is brought to the tube is evacuated. Vacuum cup, pumped the air begins to involve the skin, activating the work of the lymph nodes.

The nozzle is moved across the surface of the body. It is receiving intensive treatment. It is perfect for people who dream to get rid of excess weight.

Manual lymph drainage massage

A session of manual massage is carried out in an hour. Only in this case will see the effect.

Lymphatic drainage massage technique:

Relaxation and muscle lifting clamps. Start with a gentle and relaxing effect. First, you must relieve the stress in the patient, to reassure his nervous system. When this procedure is used typically oils which open pores and thereby contribute to the removal of excess fluid from the skin.
Gentle pressure. surge method easily click on the lymph nodes, moving from top to bottom: the base of the neck, abdomen, groin. At this stage, you need to “wake up” the lymph nodes, as well as the free channels through which lymph moves.
Undulations. Now they are made from the bottom up, in the course of the movement of blood. Soft effect on the skin to activate nerve endings and blood capillaries. Movement should not cause pain. Manipulation of the body should be soft, smooth and slow.

The consequences of lymphatic drainage massage:

Reduce swelling;
Cellulite removal;
weight loss;
Improvement of health;
Metabolic Stimulation.

Despite the numerous advantages of the procedure prior to its use is necessary to consult a doctor. The patient may sometimes not be aware of the presence in the body of chronic diseases in which massage is contraindicated manipulation.

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