Hot Stone Body Massage

Are you stressed daily? Does your muscle aches and poor circulation affect you? Get rid of insomnia and depression? Hot Stone Massage is an ideal treatment for you.

Massage with hot (hot) stones

Hot Stone massage or in the translation of hot stone massage has been known for over a thousand years, and hot stones have been used in ancient civilizations for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and as a therapeutic aid, the stones were re-introduced by Mary Hannigen in 1993, and since then This treatment is one of the most sought after in wellness centers around the world.

As we find stones in nature, this massage is a special connection with nature and it treats our soul, body and mind.

This treatment primarily refers to relaxation of the client and therapist and takes place in a well-warmed room with minimal lighting, light music and in complete privacy. During the entire treatment, the client is covered to maintain heat in the body, and the body is gradually revealed depending on which part of the body is being treated.
Stretching muscles increases mobility

Massage is done with smooth, heated stones, most often it is a balzate that keeps it well and absorbs heat. The therapist puts stones on the line of the spine, the lower part of the abdomen, and in the palms and between the toes. After the client turns to the back, smaller stones are placed on the face and neck, in the palms and between the fingers for better circulation.

With such warm stones it is also the stretching of the muscles, which increases their mobility, and some have confirmed that this type of treatment helped them in correcting the posture. The client can choose the heat of the stones because the stones are heated in water that has heaters with thermostats and the temperature can be regulated. The therapist puts the first stone in his hand and touches the client to check that the temperature of the stone corresponds to it.

As in most treatments, we use scented oils in order to make the stones that we put on the body easier to slip on the skin. Most of the hot and hot stones are used, which is only the name of this treatment, but if the client has some injuries or muscle inflammation, cold stones are used.

You need to try the Hot Stone massage treatment

Treatment of hot stone massage should be tried if you have not yet, because it will help you to remove harmful substances from the body, improve circulation and reduce stress, depression and stiffness of the muscles. In addition, this beneficial stones will bring you a new dose of energy that will make it easier for you to function in this fast-moving lifestyle.

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